The Festivus Pole…..

An essential item for your Festivus Party is the Festivus Pole. There are quite a few prepaid options available but we decided to make ours fairly simply by getting a Christmas tree base at Big Lots and buy a 4 ft piece of custom cut conduit from Home Depot. Just make sure the conduit isContinue reading “The Festivus Pole…..”

Festivus Charities 2020

Festivus charities 2020 Some of our favorite charities that you might not know about and could consider sharing with: Autism Services of WNY Ways to Give Roswell Park Cancer Institute Oishei Children’s Hospital Accessible Academics Welcome St. Lawrence Vineyard Ministries Music To Remember WNY

Stay home and mookie on!

My wife and I have decided to make all of our old apps completely free for the foreseeable future while the world copes with COVID19. We may eventually rerelease paid enhanced versions when things get back to normal but for now almost all our apps are completely free, ad free and free of in appContinue reading “Stay home and mookie on!”

Jamaican Festivus Song

New song we are working on… Jamaican Festivus Song C Hey if yer a little bit blue F.                          G We got the very best thing for you C Come on now and sing along F.                        G Join in our Jamaican Festivus Song! Chorus: C Hey Mon, it’s a Festivus Pole F.                                  G Extruded in theContinue reading “Jamaican Festivus Song”