Festivus Carol – 20th Anniversary of “The Strike”

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Seinfeld episode “The Strike” which first introduced the world to Festivus, we are releasing a app acoustic audio version of our Festivus Carol.   All net proceeds from the sale of this will be donated to Autism Services, Inc. of Western New York. (This should amount to about $0.60Continue reading “Festivus Carol – 20th Anniversary of “The Strike””

Festivus Party! 2015

| an App for the Rest of Us! Celebrate at your next Festivus party by Airing Your Grievances using Google Speech, singing along to karaoke tunes, or viewing sentimental holiday themed art. Complain by either typing or dictating gripes using Google Speech recognition. Automatic date stamping on grievance list. Spread the Joy of Festivus byContinue reading “Festivus Party! 2015”